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Pigeon Recipes.
22 recipes.
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A Greet Pye
Braised Pigeons with Crushed Wheat Stuffing
Casseroled Pigeon with Herbs and Spices
Crustade Of Chicken and Pigeon
English Wood Pigeon
Gefuellte Tauben (Stuffed Pigeons)
Golden Pigeon with Winter Melon
Hey Babe - Take A Walk On The Wild Side
Orange-braised Pigeons In Nests and Spring Greens
Pichones Con Guisantes (Pigeon with Peas)
Pigeon In Red Wine Sauce
Pigeon Pie (Heirloom)
Pigeon Poche Grille
Pigeon with Cherries
Pigeon, Hare and Ham Terrine
Potted Pigeons
Roast Pigeon and Goose Liver on Truffle Potatoes
Roast Pigeons
Scottish Pigeon Parcels with Whiskey and Honey
Small Bird and Bacon Stew with Walnuts Or Hazelnuts
Stewed Pigeons
Syrian Pigeon with Pearl Barley