Miscellaneous Game Recipes.
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  Allegheny Baked Coot
Alternate Pate
Armadillo Sauce Piquant
Armadillo Something Or Other
Aurora Chili
Bacon Barbecue Bird
Baked Camel
Baked Gammon in Cider
Baked Mushrooms with Gammon and Pineapple
Baked Young Woodchuck in Sour Cream and Mustard
Basic Stock
Bordelaise Sauce for Game
Braised Breast of Whitebill
Braised Rattlesnake
Breaded Pronghorn Cutlet
Breast Of Ptarmigan
Cajun Roasted Wild Hog
Comance Fried Frog Legs
Crispy Rattlesnake Coils
Crow and Mushroom Stew
Curbside Cat
End-Of-Season Sausage
Filet of Filly
Fillet Of Whale with Mushroom Sauce
French Fried Skunk
Fried Woodchuck (Goundhog)
Game Dinner
Gammon Steaks with a Feta Cheese, Apricot and Pine Kernel
Gammon with Honey and Pineapple Glaze
Gammon with Orange Sauce
Gila Stew
Glazes For Your Bird
Grilled Marinaded Cobia
Grise Fiord Seal Stew
Herb Charcoal Antelope Steak
Honey-glazed Crow (Microwave)
Horseman Stew
Iguana Soup
Iguana Stew
Jambalaya Alaskan Style
Joint Of Whale Meat Steeped In Red Wine Marinade
Kaeng Kanun (Jackfruit Curry)
Marinade For Grilled And Roast Meats
Marinated Porcupine Chops
Mu Shu Armadillo
Mullet In A Packet - (Triglie Al Cartoccio)
New Englant Roast Coot
Oogruk Flippers
Oven Braised Teal
Pan-fried Springbok Loin Steak Served On Isijingi
Parrot Pie
Pin Oak Teal
Poached Fowl and Bacon with 'pudding'
Porcupine Stew
Possum on the Half Shell (Armadillo)
Potted Crow
Rail Sauce Piquante Ellender
Rattlesnake and Beans
Rattlesnake Appetizers
Rattlesnake Salad
Rattlesnake Salad
Rattlesnake Stew
Reindeer Pot Roast
Roast Grey Mullet with a Light Curry Sauce And Roasted Cocon
Roast Hummingbirds
Roast Kudu Fillet with Boerewors Stuffing
Roast Polar Bear
Roast Teal
Roast Wallaby
Roasted Crow
Salmi of Whitebill
Savoury Seal Hearts
Seal Brain Fritters
Spi Di Yuwana (Iguana Soup)
Swiss Whitebill Steak
Texas Rattlesnake Chili
Traditional Chinese Tiger
Whale Bobotee
Whale Pie
Whitebill Baked in Cream Gravy
Wild Turkey Sausage
Woodchuck (Ground Hog)