Kangaroo Recipes.
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  Aussie Kangaroo Pie
Australian Dinkum Chili (Original Recipe)
Char Grilled Kangaroo with Lemon and Black Pepper Sauce
Char-Grilled Kangaroo Kebabs and Smoked Eggplant Puree
Char-grilled Kangaroo or Ostrich with Smoked Oyster Butter
Dinkum Chili
Kangaroo and Skillogalee Shiraz Pies
Kangaroo Escalopes with Spinach and Anchovy Butter
Kangaroo Pepper Steak with Mushroom Sauce
Kangaroo Stew (Venison Bourguignon)
Kangaroo Strips with Bok Choy and Chilli Black Bean Sauce
Kangaroo Tail Soup
Kangaroo Tail Soup (in Pressure Cooker)
Kangaroo Tail, Curried
Kangaroo with Roasted Eggplant and Capsicum
Red Centre Meatballs
Slippery Bob
Spicy Kangaroo and Lentils
Stir-fried Kangaroo Strips with Bok Choy and Chilii Black Beans
Thai Style Salad Of Kangaroo