Emu Recipes.
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  Allegheny Baked Marsh Hare
Allegheny Marsh Hare Loaf
Baked Muskrat
Barbecue Muskrat
Barbecued Emu Ostrich or Kangaroo Fillet
Carmelized Muskrat Onaplank (Muskrat On A Plank)
Creole Marsh Rabbit
Emu Goulash
Emu Saute
Emu Steak Au Poivre
Emu Stir Fry
Emu Stroganoff
Emu Surprise
Emu with Mangoes and Habaneros
Fiesta Emu Burgers
Grilled Emu Fillet with Riberry Sauce
Italian Emu Steak
Karmelized Muskrat (bavarian)
Michigan Special Hare
Mountain Fried Muskrat
Muskrat Soup
Muskrat Stew
Pennsylvania Stewed Marsh Rabbit(muskrat)
Smothered Muskrat and Onions