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Pennsylvania Dutch Scrapple

20 pounds Ground cooked wild boar meat -- see * Note
2 1/4 pounds Buckwheat or rye flour
7 pounds Fine-ground untoasted cornmeal
2 ounces Freshly-ground black pepper
2 ounces Salt
1/4 ounce Grated mace
1/4 ounce Grated nutmeg
1/4 ounce Ground sage or thyme
(Liquid smoke can be added to taste)

* Note: Use wild pig tongues, hearts, and livers as part of the meat.

Cook meat in enough water to keep it covered; drain off and reserve liquid when meat separates readily. Run meat through the fine blade of a grinder. Measure ground meat and liquid; there should be about twice as much broth as cooked meat. Return meat to broth and bring to a boil. Soften the cereal used with some of the liquid; work it into a dough by hand, and then thin with more of the liquid to eliminate lumps. Pour the diluted cereal into the cooked meat and cook for another 30 minutes. Before the scrapple becomes too thick, season to taste. When scrapple has lost its raw cornmeal taste and is thick enough so that it piles up, it is ready to be spooned into loaf pans.
Smooth scrapple in the loaf tins and set in a cool dry place to firm up. Remove loaves from the tins (dip tins briefly into hot water), slice and fry the scrapple; or wrap and freeze.

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