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1 Meaty Goose (about 5-6 kg, 11-13 pound)
1 Apple
1 Roll
1 tb Majoram

Wash goose inwards and outwards very well, rub first dry and then with salt. Prepare the stuffing: clean goose liver and heart, peal and core apple. Soak roll in water. Put heart, liver and apple into a meat grinder and grind well. Press soaked roll to remove unused water and mix with the ground ingredients. Season with salt, a bit of pepper and majoram. Stuff goose with this mixture and sew it up. Put goose breast-down into the claypot and close the lid. Stew it for about 150-180 minutes at 220 degree C (428 F). An important rule is that the goose should not brown in the first hour as it will dry out else. After 2 hours remove the lid and pour every 10 minutes alternately her own juice and cold water over the goose (this makes a nice crust) After another 30 minutes turn goose on back and stew it for the last half hour also pouring the fluids over her. Remove the thread carefully and put goose onto a pre-warmed tray. If you like you can remove the stuffing and serve on another plate.

Serve with potato dumblings, sauerkraut, red cabbage, apple sauce.

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